Lamar Jackson Jersey

Lamar Jackson could make the Baltimore Ravens the most exciting team in the NFL. This is a fairly bold statement for a team that heads into the NFL Draft with Willie Snead and Chris Moore as the best receivers on the roster. The fact of the matter is that Jackson is the most dynamic athlete on the field in a league where you almost have to be a Greek god like athlete to be employed.

Jackson constantly gets compared to Michael Vick. In 2001 Vick was a rookie quarterback who played in eight games and his athleticism was eye-popping. In eight games, Vick went 50-113 passing for 785 yards, two touchdowns and three picks while running for 289 yards. Jackson has played in seven regular season games and his statistics are as follows: 99-170 for 1,201 yards with six touchdowns and three picks. Jackson also rushed for 695 yards.

In the early 2000’s Vick was the flashiest player on the field and his highlight reel led SportsCenter telecasts on a fairly regular basis. Jackson is working at a rate that is more advanced than Vick. The Ravens have gotten a lot more attention since Jackson took Joe Flacco’s job. It’s because Jackson makes plays that are conversation starters. He is easily the flashiest player the Ravens have ever had.

While Jackson is still an unfinished product, he is more advanced than many analysts seem to think. He may be so good at running with the ball in his hands that his passing skills get over looked.

Rookie quarterbacks didn’t look great in 2018 if you take Baker Mayfield out of the equation. Jackson may have been running a make shift offense that wasn’t sustainable but he made some big time throws and some of his rushing attempts were unbelievable.

The NFL has had dual threat quarterbacks before. There has never been any one with this much potential. By the end of his career Jackson may not even be mentioned in the same breath as Vick. Jackson could become a far superior player.

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